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TheDD Cop Gang Official Recruitment and Informational Thread


Noc 13th announcement

- Hey guys, I just want to announce that from nov 14th to nov 17 I will be going on a school field trip and thus won't be able to be ingame and do gang owner shit like spend talent points and update the post. Sorry bout this inconvienience.


Nov 13th update

-Population change(31-37)
-Level change(22-23)


Nov 17th update

-Population change(37-35)
-Level change(23-24)
-Gang owner returns from field trip
-Updates to punishment policy to be made


Nov 18th update

-New punishment policy added
-New text channel added to discord due to new punishment policy


Nov 18th update part 2

-Population change(35-47)
-Level change(24-25)
-New officer(Thedankbank)


Nov 19th update

-Budget increased(15,000,000$-190,000,000$)


Nov 20th update

-Population change(47-49)
-Level change(25-26)
-Budget change(190,000,000$-90,000,000$)
-TheDD Officer #1 completed
-TheDD Officer #2 started


Nov 21th update

-Population change(49-52)
-Level change(26-27)
-Police cycle unlock imminent, coming at level 28


Nov 25th update

-Level change(27-28)
-Police cycle unlock, unfortunately sugar is disabling vehicles temporary(OR PERMANENTLY?!?!?!) so we can't spawn it currently


Nov 28th Update
-Level change(28-29)
-New Talent point imminent, planned to use on instant cuff

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