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Gang - The Tunnel Snakes!

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Upcoming Update / Suggestions for the gang

To be a little more helpful and to hear suggestions from our members, I have created a special template for the gang to offer any suggestions.

Examples of the suggestions: 
  • Kicking members / Removing them from the gang
  • Adding new features for the gang: Such as a personal ruleset such as having a personal Gun Dealer for the gang, etc.
  • Removing anything that we don't really need. Perhaps a cop feature for when we role-play as police (if needed)
  • Fixing up the application format? I could create an even better one with a little more information for people. 
As the XCO of the Tunnel Snakes, I propose this idea for us all to have a little more cleaned up gang.

Perhaps an open house thing for us recruiting new members and promoting users who do well for the gang. 

Also, keep note of the role: Trial Member

Usually we would want to accept a person we've never met before as a trial member to get a little more information on how they raid, base, etc. If you are a minge/cancerous, then you will more than likely not get accepted.

Suggestion Template

What is your suggestion?: 
How would this benefit our gang?:
Is this for Raiding, Basing, or Other? (Explain):


Yes, update the forums page ;-;


Update on format 
Thanks to Kalysta for taking the time to make it look pretty! <3


You still need to add somethings in it. it isnt all that hard. anyways, i could always change it if you want, sorry if it might not have turned out the best this time, but im always here! enjoy <3


Gmod hours: 364
What you can contribute to our gang:  I'm active so I'm willing to help grind out levels.
Are you liked? Be honest: Haven't run into someone that doesn't like me yet, must be my charms.
Do you raid?: Whenever I can.
Do you base?: Yup to make some sweet green.

You cool? Gotta be cool: I'm so cool people give me their sweet rolls no hassle.

                                                                                                                                                          In Game Name: Jumping Jack Flash

                                                                                                                                                          Steam Name: One Drifty Boi


                                         Guess who's back. Back again. DANNY'S BACK, TELL A FRIEND.

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