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Poll: Do you think the server needs more admins?
Yes I think we need more admins
No I think new admins is useless
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This poll will close on: 03-27-2018

New Admins Poll


(03-14-2018, 01:36 PM)Blacnova Wrote: This really shouldn't be decide by a poll lol. 

I tried talking to sugar about Admin promotions and he told me I should get the community's opinion on the matter, so here we are.

And well, if you do come back Blac, It would mean we'd have 3 active admins (Gent,Walter and you). And considering how huge the staff team is getting having ~5 active admin would be good in my opinion.
                                                                                                                                                                                    (Ok yeah its not THAT huge but hey)

Also, the "poll" above is not the ACTUAL vote. When I do compile results Im not looking at that for actual "data". That's simply for lazy people and/or new players who simply wants to add their thoughts. I asked for people to post reasonings, hours and all for a reason. Im sorry to everyone for not giving information on such a huge issue. (Anyone could vote, not having the 30 hours limit)

And im lowkey curious, Why shouldn't this be decided by a poll? Because people are going to vote for admins? I mean isn't that the point, to get the opinion of the community? I tried making it to 30 hours so the opinion comes with people with basic knowledge of the server. It would have sucked more if me and sugar simply decided "Oh yeah we are getting new admins fuck all of you guys". I can't please everyone with my actions and I apologise if you don't agree with me. But making the choice exclusively mine and sugar would suck ALOT trust me.
If I decided to make the vote staff exclusive Im pretty sure the same thing would have happened, "Everyone voting for new admins" and less people voting than me making this public.

And by that "same thing would have happened" Im bringing my short second topic, The aftermath of this vote.

Im not gonna hide it, while making this thread I was 80% sure the vote would "pass". And im partially right. 
If I want to make a change in the server and 80% of the people are happy while triggering the 20%, I'll take it. I cannot please everyone when I take "drastic" decisions like this.

While I still don't have an idea how Im gonna proceed if it does pass, I know for a fact its not gonna only me and Sugar picking people we personally like. I might do a second poll or personally talk with people I have no idea. But for now this poll still has 10 days to go.

Im too lazy to write more right now and make it colourful and all So im gonna let it at that, If you think what Im saying is wrong feel free to PM me and let's have a nice talk together.

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It's just that we don't need new admins. We just need slightly more active admins ON FORUMS. We mods and t-mods are the ones helping in-game. But like, as long as Reports and Appeals can get accepted then things will simply be better. Maybe instead of giving effort into making a post like this and accept/deny some appeals, reports, and mod apps?


I think we need another owner


(03-15-2018, 02:35 AM)Zek Wrote: I think we need another owner

seems legit


admins r gei


I think Neko makes good points. Do we NEED new admins, no. Would it be helpful and nice to grab some more? Yes.


(8 hours ago)Griffin Wrote: I think Neko makes good points. Do we NEED new admins, no. Would it be helpful and nice to grab some more? Yes.



Admins aren't needed. We just added more admins to the roster a few months ago. No need for more admins. I usually see 1 or 2 admins when I'm on now, which is good. We don't need a thousand admins. You guys have to remember that it should take a lot of hard work, dedication, time, knowledge, and to be professional when the time is needed to be admin.

Admin role isn't something that is just handed out. You actually have to work for it. It's literally that we have so few admins, people think we should keep getting more and more. We don't have the biggest staff team, so it's balanced right now. We usually have 1 or 2 admins on at a time, which is fine. We don't need more. There is basically no reason to have it besides having the rank.


kys fury

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