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Waifu's Gang Recruitment

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Waifu's Gang
Owner: Alfonzo
Co-Owner: Babs Morgan, Kyker

Head-Officer: Glarry

Members: Chiken Nuggots, Apex 1, Asanti0, SackKitty06


Gang Description: Raiding/Basing Gang, We stick together , and just chill. Its all about having fun! It is a New Gang but farming everyday for XP!

Current Gang Level: 9

Application Format

In-game name:

Steam name:

Previous Gangs:

Hours Played:

Hours played this week:

Game-Tracker Score:


What can you provide for the gang during Raids and Basing:

Do you have a mic (Doesn't matter just good to know):

Who's your favourite Waifu:

Gametracker link(just search for your steam name):

Kicked Members: Toni (Starting Drama)

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