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[Official] Sit Guidelines (For Players and Staff)

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For Players:

This guide is for players and what to do when reporting someone and how to act in a sit.

Note: This 'For Players' guide will not be as long as the 'For Staff' due to the fact that staff have to do much, much more than a player. 

DO’s: DO read all the information on sits.

DO call sits by using @<message>
DO have a story ready before you are brought to a sit (duh).
DO make sure to have any evidence if needed. (Staff will tell you when you need evidence.)
DO read the MOTD. This shouldn't even have to be said but most people don't.
DO be respectful to the staff member taking the sit and the reporter/person you are reporting.
DO report a staff member if they took your sit and was extremely unprofessional / did not handle it properly (make sure to have video evidence or some sort of evidence or your report will be ignored.
DO report a player on the forums if your sit was never taken. Make sure to also have evidence or your report will once again, be ignored.

RDM situations: (DO's)

DO ask the player who killed you why he killed you in OOC or PMs. Do not just call a sit on him instantly.
DO make sure to know who killed you. You can type /slogs in chat to grab the log to see who killed you.
DO use common sense when reporting someone for RDM. If the player who killed you, killed you for being a "faggot" then obviously report him

-->Note: Most cases, sits are usually for RDM. I have not listed any other situations (yet) due to the fact most people RDM on this server. Like the guide said, DO use common sense. You should know when to report someone.<--

DON’Ts: DON’T make sit or do these things when calling a sit.

DON'T call staff for one RDM case. Ask the player in OOC / PMs
DON'T call a sit such as: "asjjidfifkaokjbk rddm rdm rdm" Actually type and not be a dumbo.
DON'T call staff for common help such as how to become a job. Ask in OOC instead.
DON'T say in OOC / Advert / PMs: "HEY THIS GUY RDMED ME". Once again, call staff.
DON'T break rules in a sit (duh). You will be banned if doing so.
DON'T RP in sits. Wait until a staff member returns you (or themself) or gives the "a-okay" before RPing again.
DON'T micspam in a sit. Make sure to just type if you were already mic spamming.
DON'T try to be funny in a sit (such as putting on a goofy voice or something) or you will be punished. 
DON'T argue with the staff member/argue with the person you reported. Be civil in a sit, not dumb.
DON'T interrupt a person in a sit. Let the player/staff member speak. You will be gagged if interrupting in a sit.
DON'T break the rules on the person who broke the rules on you. Call staff instead. 

Quote:Ex. Walter RDMed Booper and Booper came back and killed Walter for RDMing him

Keep note: More things will be added to this part of the sit guide. If you have any suggestions to add then please do PM Cynthia or Griffin. - Booper

For Staff:

This is a compiled guide on how to act in a sit and what sits to accept and what to deny.

How to act in a sit- Be composed, don’t lose your cool if someone is being disrespectful towards you or the reporter, stay cool. Be assertive, say “hey, quit being rude or I will ban you for banter in a sit.” Try not to be bias, there will always be bias but you should always be neutral in a sit. If you think you might be bias get another staff in there. Bias can be good too.

Bias Ex: Well hey Jimmy is a veteran player so it's unlikely he Mass RDMed. 

Keep note: Following this guide keeps the players and other staff in check. No one wants a lousy staff to take every sit on the screen that isn't a valid sit.

Not following this guide can and WILL lead to a demotion.

To Trial Mods/Sit snipers: Though I know you want to be promoted fast, you do not have to claim sit after sit. Do NOT burn yourself out. I did when I was a trial and that was why I resigned for the first time. Just do plenty of sits but do not burn yourself out. - Booper

Extra: You do not have to be a 'Staff On Duty' to use your staff powers.

DO’s: DO read all the information on sit.

DO go to the flatgrass using !sit.
DO make sure you aren’t in another staff’s sit.
DO listen to both sides of a story.
DO be respectful.
DO be respectful in ignores. “Stealing is allowed idiot” is not acceptable.

Quote: Wrote:Ex. “Stealing is allowed, make sure to check MOTD!

DO be resourceful in denying sits “Nah” isn’t helpful to anyone

Quote: Wrote:Ex. “No, we can’t re-compensate unfortunately!

DO be patient when people are telling their stories, don’t rush them.
DO be professional. Don’t flip out on someone because they call you a bad mod.
DO accept sits that include a name, rule break, and SHORT description. Not saying anything long is bad, but a sentence or two will suffice.

DON’Ts: DON’T accept sits that follow within these lines
  • Admin 2 me
  • Hey admin how r u
  • I need help
  • Are you allowed to do…
  • My friend wants to be unbanned…
  • How do I make mod app…
  • Jimmy is being a bad boy!
  • RDM tttttttttttttttttttttttttt. 
    More of "DON'Ts"
  • DON’T accept sits with racist language in them.
  • DON’T accept sits that are extremely vulgar.
  • DON’T accept sits that the “attitude” is disrespectful. “Hey, fuckhead take this fucking     sit.”
  • DON’T take multiple sits at one time unless they are related.
  • DON’T lose your cool. Keep calm and reason with the aggressive person.
  • DON’T punish without a sit

Picture examples

Sits that are not valid:

[Image: L8tqTUQChEE6PXOi1578lgDTHu-jU-KgVGi2iOpR...AP1vVI6CZg]
[Image: XIyMzD7xac7MygjZBZRoD8FBdvYdj_wfK_KFho-A...Tu8MXdD3uN]

[Image: k_gRgr3Jr-ugP0qaRLVjOMqRs3bdkmx-yDNbMEpV...NLq_EQC7bw]

Sits that are valid:
[Image: jtLvjoKXwrxsTOnk46Pn9O3ynzNV3SvEZMvs5rRQ...-f27c8ESLN]
[Image: M1dDKnOHsJbjQVGpx_mCyF024UAYy372p76KUVLx...KI8m2H9Ih0]
[Image: k_WeVYHo9ovCLZv7p7OacPLUmqzEfNlM7D3MswYh...OUu8cfwWz_]
[Image: nt6gu1yanUhLGmROrXhA1pKIyHG7n3XN0ruMu_eL...kNt9xVlPQc]

More help. "DON'Ts"
  • DON’T ban without giving necessary time for the person to explain themselves. Even if they are Mass RDMing. Everyone has the right to defend themselves.
  • DON’T !jail someone. Try to go to sit area and !jailtp since this avoids jailing multiple people.
  • DON’T accept a sit just because your friend made it and you're trying to cover for whatever he did, that's favoritism and being corrupt
  • DON’T allow random people into the sits.
  • DON’T take sits just to raise your sit count.
  • DON’T gag them or mute them if they’re saying their story, let them finished then come to a verdict.
  • DON’T make up rules in a sit. You should know what the rules are.
  • DON'T rush sits. This is a BIG no. Make sure to gather all the information is needed and punish the rulebreaker. Don't take a sit and make it 2 seconds long.
>Breaking these rules or not following them could end in punishment or demotion.<
Credits go to:  Griffin, Booper, and Cynthia

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