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Widespread - The Gang For Everyone (And Those Who Do Not Care For Affiliation)

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                            (A gang for those who don't care about gangs)

      What is a gang? Why even join one?

A gang gives passive buffs to everyone involved.

As members preform various activities, they can accumulate experience for the gang, leveling it to unlock more buffs.

To see a list of the unlocked buffs, type !gangmenu in chat after you join.

      Every other gang has some form of code, role-playing purpose, or rules to follow. What about this gang?

This is an all-purpose gang for those who don't care. We are not a unified force, we simply want the passive buffs associated with being in a gang. No expectations will be placed upon you - simply go about your day.

Widespread Gang members hold no obligations to other Widespread Gang members. Raid each other, base together, whatever you would normally do if you weren't in the same group as the other person.

Should you desire to unify and/or work together with other Widespread Gang members, do so. If you do not wish to, do so. 

      How do I join?

I periodically send out gang invites to every online person that isn't already in a gang, but not enough for it to be considered spam. Simply be online when I am... or private message me, should you wish to do so.

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