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Dead Memes Recruitment App

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Dead Memes Gang
[Image: VOrAoai.jpg]
  • Owner: Herb
  • Co-ownerHoly Crusader of Order, Umbak
  • Officers: Jacket,Noodlez
  • Members: 6Dog, dogfish, blurr,Kyle, DJsummers,C0ldflame,Guccilion,Destroyer, Gummies, Hitler's wife, Jakey, Jeboris, KolloZM, Sir Issac, PunchMunch, T1k, Static, See Warrior, Vape Dude

  • Gang description: We are a simple gang we raid, base, and etc.
  • Current gang level: 60

  • Being well known on the server is the best way to be accepted into gang

Application format
  1. Ingame name:
  2. Steam profile:
  3. Previous gangs:
  4. Hours played:
  5. Hours played past week:
  6. Gametracker score:
  7. Age:
  8. How good are you at building Bases:
  9. Do you have a mic:
  10. Do you have a Custom Class:
  11. How good are your raiding skills:

  12. Gametracker link(Search your name): https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/...p_players/


Member Update June 10th, 2018: Gang has been purged, currently at 12 members. Will edit to add list of these members later.

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