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Spacial Time Recruitment

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My name is Slick, but you probably know me as Alex Burns. I am the owner and creator of the gang "Spacial Time". We are currently undergoing a revamp of our image, and will be cleaning out all inactive players. This is the time to join the hottest new gang in town.

Here are some of the perks you an expect with our gang (I will be updating this regularly):
  • All perks up to level 26
  • Instant Cuffs
  • Random weapon drops
  • Voting on all future gang talents
  • Connections with staff if you have question about server rules
  • A sense of community and belonging
If you wish to apply, please reply to this using the format below. If you do not use the correct format, you will be denied instantly.
If you are denied, please wait one week (7 days) before re-applying.

  • Your in-game name:
  • Your steam profile:
  • Your age:
  • How active are you (# of hours/week)?
  • What would you bring to spatial time (2-3 sentences)?
  • Walk me through a typical day for you on TitsRP (2-3 sentences): 
  • How did you hear about our gang (word of mouth, this post, etc.)?


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