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Civil Protection Department - Diamond Dogs | TheDD Police Group

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Started March 2017
Informational and Recruitment Info

Welcome to the Official Informational and Recruitment Thread of TheDD. Here you can find all basic information about TheDD and how to become a Member.

Basic Information
Gang Level: 57
Member Count: 134
Specialization: Civil Protection
Qualities: Police-Style Rank System, Joining Incentives, RP Events, CC's for Officers, Memes

Who are we?

The Diamond Dogs (TheDD) is the server's top cop gang filled with passionate CPs who enjoy being the authority of Downtown. We strive to promote well-being and goodness and also having some casual fun as cops in a more diverse and competent fashion than in the CPD alone.

Why should you join us?

We are the leading Police Group in the city with a competitive level and vast amount of resources. Our competitive level means many benefits and perks for you to make use of during your time in TheDD. TheDD is also quite lenient in terms of rules and code of conduct. By joining TheDD, you are joining an organized police force with the goal of keeping Downtown Tits in order, a police force that has the resources to expend and the experience to make sure each PD raid is a raid that fails, and a police force that, at the end of the day, wants everyone to have fun being a cop. Some of our qualities that set us aside from other organized groups in the city is our Police-Style Rank System, Joining Incentives such as Bonus Pay, RP Events, CC's for Officers, and the best Memes of any TitsRP-related site.

How does one join?

Interested CPs are required to join our discord (https://discord.gg/g48PSA7) and apply in the #member_applications channel. If you don't have Discord, you are missing out and should get it here: https://discordapp.com/download . Do note, we require very little to join us other than a passion for Policing and a teeny tiny drop of maturity. The information in the application (as seen below) is just for us to get to know what kind of person you are and if you are competent enough of a CP to represent TheDD Police Group. You're 99% likely to get accepted if you put some effort into it.

Basic Info

In-Game Name:

Steam Name:

Steam ID/Profile:

Hours on Gmod:

Personal Info

How often are you Active as CP?

Are you interested in Police IRL?
Why do you like playing as CP?

Why do you want to Join TheDD?

How many hours can you be active per week?

What other Groups/Gangs have you been in?

Have you read and understand our policies?


1. You are on Patrol and hear money printer sounds coming from nearby, what do you do and why?

2. You see a subject walking around with an illegal firearm in Public, what do you do and why?

3. You notice a CP helping a criminal/committing crimes, what do you do and why?

4. You find a subject who is suspected of murdering another citizen, what do you do and why?

5. You pass someone on the street and later find out that they have a bounty, what do you do and why?

Disclaimer: While there are definitely very incorrect and very correct answers, they will be judged mostly on effort, not on how proper your exact knowledge of the topic is, so just do your best. If you need assistance filling out an application form due to medical issues or other special needs, please contact @Officers to assist you with it. In some cases we can do a verbal application to accommodate you.


 Be Civil 
TheDD isn't a place for you to flame around. Treat others with respect and try to resolve internal conflicts in a peaceful manner. In extreme cases, such as harassment and sharing personal information when you don't have a person's consent, expulsions may be delivered.
 Respect the server's rules
Being in TheDD doesn't mean you're exempt from the server's rule. Follow it like you normally would.


 Follow the Punishment Policy!
It is the most important thing that any officer must know and if you don't follow it, you will be demoted or even kicked from the gang, no question asked
 Don't abuse your power
I can't stress this enough. DON'T ABUSE YOUR POWER!!!! This includes using your position as an Officer to threaten to kick a fellow member for malicious reasons(i.e you don't like him) Being an officer is about helping the gang, not being entitled to special treatment and think you're superior than everyone. You aren't.
 Report who you recruited or kicked in the #membership_changes section of the Discord
Remember to follow the pinned format. All kicks that are not reported in Discord will be deemed invalid and the kicked member will be reinvited if they wish to be

Don't do the staff's job for them
Officers are simply that, officers. They are not staff, they don't enforce the server rules, they are just there to invite and lead people in RP situations, and also kick when really necessary. When a member broke a server's rule, PLEASE don't feel the need to add insult to injury and kick them out of the gang. They probably already got a slap on the wrist by staffs. People makes mistakes. That's what makes people, people. Remember that TheDD is a gang filled with people, and they will make mistakes that is either intentional or unintentional.
Only kick for serious offenses listed below
>Continuous harassment of gangmates
>Intentionally Targeting gangmates for kidnaps or KOSing them for crimes when not CP
>Revealing personal information of gangmates without their permission
>Serious rule breaking such as mass rdm, trying to crash the server, you get the idea
>Permabanned members
>Other offenses that are not listed here that can be interpreted as serious


Serving for TheDD is voluntary work, and you are not forced to be CP all the time. However we do try to encourage CP work by making it more diverse, engaging, and realistic. So, one way of doing that is that TheDD Operatives that participate in our programs and operations more frequently will be offered Bonus Payments based on Pay Periods for showing effort and engaging in these activities with us. Members will be given a $20,000 per hour salary each week if they participate in our optional #cp_sign-in_sign-out channel while they are active as CP. There is also a ranking system based around this system and those select few that prove their worth and reach Officer will recieve a significantly larger Salary of $30,000 per hour.

TheDD's view on gang relations is one of cooperation and peace. We strive to make new allies and our objective overall is to keep a stable Downtown. However, this doesn't mean that we're
avoiding conflict. If problems escalate and can't be solved with diplomatic means, we're ready to be defend downtown to those that threaten the safety of the people.

To request an alliance, one can simply PM me, reply to this thread, or post on TheDD's Discord.


TheDD has a pretty lenient attitude about leaving/resigning. You aren't "binded" to TheDD the moment you join it and you can leave whenever you feel like. You won't be exiled like what other gangs do and are free to return whenever you want. However, Officers who leave TheDD and come back after a long period(1 month+) may need to start over as a member, and returning members will need to reapply. Anyone who left TheDD to join any hostile gang that is tracked by TheDD are subject to instant Application Denial, despite any credentials or history they may have, for Security purposes.


Bill Cosby, Pigergast, Mentor Peanut Butter

Executive Officer:


Cold Testicles, DannyTheDumbBoi, Genkki, Kamala Gekido, ForgottenShadow, MadlyKillBot, Makoto, Mr. Smiles
Walter The Assaulter, Whitelace
CptLAN, Husky Booty, Marcel, Pete Peterson, Slightly Salty
CeeJay, Chillax, Thefakest, YahBoi
AbsorbedHallow, BigTiddiedGothGirls, Chris Hansen, ClickToDisplay, Crawford, Daegos, Foxtrot, Highlifemiller, IPug, Jomba Juice, LouseyPickle, Mr.freeze, Nuker Meme 27, Sharingan Frank, SmokePurpp, Superman(Clark Kent), Tips, Zeyon De Leyon

Perks and Benefits
Perks are the same throughout all gangs and can be checked ingame with !gangmenu, talents however are unique to each gangs. Our gang focuses on cop talents to give cops the most advantage against criminals

[Image: soYrjwV.png][Image: rgDSCsg.png]

Mascot of TheDD
[Image: FB_IMG_1467667905622.jpg]
Hailey Mathers Paige (2009-Present)

[Image: fc0b01fe10a0b8c602fb0106d8189d9b.png]
Our discord link is https://discord.gg/g48PSA7


I just wanted to say... This is clean AF, actually the best gang app post(IMO)


Good template for it Mentor, like how you're molding the DD into something more, keep at it


Unban me from your discord i wanna join. (also i was banned for no reason)

This is the only gang to my knowledge that pays their members.

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(06-06-2018, 05:31 PM)1-800-Suicide Wrote: Unban me from your discord i wanna join. (also i was banned for no reason)

This is the only gang to my knowledge that pays their members.

PM me on discord to appeal. I will have to look back and see what you got banned for and then discuss it with other higherups.

(06-06-2018, 04:45 PM)Jawson Wrote: I just wanted to say... This is clean AF, actually the best gang app post(IMO)

(06-06-2018, 05:16 PM)Knifu Waifu Wrote: Good template for it Mentor, like how you're molding the DD into something more, keep at it

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you think it looks good. However, I can't take all the credit. This is a modified version of Pigergast's original thread for TheDD which has been closed since he is less active due to IRL concerns.

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