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I think that if somebody breaks nlr defending their base, you should be allowed to continue the raid because people don't care for a warn and they just keep their stuff.


This literally makes the NLR Rules void.

Like, I understand, you should be able to defend against it, but in turn, you will also be breaking NLR and he could flip it on you. Just accept he NLRed, get screenshots and recordings, and report him.


From my experience most players ask if they can continue the raid after they get killed due to NLR, and it's one of those questions you don't know know to yes or no to. I think a rule change to clarify this would be nice.


If someone breaks NLR during a raid to defend their stuff it was intentional, Sugar said you're not allowed to continue raiding because usually the player who broke NLR gets banned.


It's usually a warn


NLR is typically a warn. If they are new and have only a few warnings I will say no to continuing the raid. However, if they are a somewhat experienced player and have multiple warnings (like NLR warnings) I will allow the raider to continue raiding.

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